Winner + Caring for Wooden Needles

Congratulations to our winners for this month's blog giveaway!

Raveler EvilSquirrel said, "My crafting plans are to whip up a few pairs of super bright socks for my hubs (since he will now only wear hand knit socks in bright bold stripes) I love Taat on 2 circs! And there will be a scarf OTK for me when I start school this September to be a Nurse!! Hot pink of course."

Renee said, "I would be happy to have a set of double point needles. I have several projects to work on from socks and fingerless mitts to shawls and shawlettes."

Both of our lucky winners have been contacted to arrange for the delivery of their Karbonz needles. Join us next month for another great giveaway right here on our blog!

Caring for Wooden Needles

Dreamz needles: image courtesy of
WEBS - America's Yarn Store
Wooden and bamboo needles get naturally moisturized by the oils in the wool yarn (lanolin) and your hands, thus becoming smoother with every use. However, it is a good idea to clean and moisturize your Dreamz, Cubics and Basix needles a couple of times in a year. Here are our top recommendations:

Clean your needles with a clean, dry muslin or paper towel, then apply a very thin layer of natural bees wax. Allow it to dry and then buff it with soft muslin or chamois cloth. This can also be done using a small amount of cold cream as most cold creams contain bees wax. Alternatively, rubbing your needles with wax paper is also a good option.

Whatever method you are using for moisturizing the needles, make sure you wait at least 24 hrs before using them again for knitting!


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Happy knitting!

  2. Wonderful tips!
    Now I know how to take care of my Dreamz set!

  3. I never knew this about caring for wooden needles. I love the Knitters Pride and am gradually
    switching over to every size.