Tools of the Trade for Successful Crafting!

Having the right tools at hand can make whatever you're doing easier and infinitely more enjoyable. At Knitter's Pride, we don't see why those tools can't also be lovely to look at, too! From our candy-colored line of Dreamz knitting needles and crochet hooks to our stylish fabric needle storage bags (and everything in between!), make sure you've got what you need at your fingertips as you jump into fall crafting.

Keep all of your needles and hooks tidy with our new fabric storage bags, available in a variety of prints:

Most knitters will tell you that keeping a few good crochet hooks on hand is a good idea. From fixing dropped stitches to creating a quick and easy provisional cast-on, a crochet hook can be a knitter's best friend. You'll want to have a few sizes to correspond with the yarn weights you typically work with, of course. Our color-coded Dreamz line is a great choice - simply grab and go!

Crocheters appreciate our many varieties of crochet hooks, but if you're new to the craft you might be wondering, "Which hook is right for me?" We've got some good news: all of our hooks were designed to work with with every type of material, whether you prefer to crochet with wool, cotton, bamboo, silk, acrylic, or any fiber combination you can dream up!

On the Fresh Stitches blog: Dreamz crochet hook!
It truly comes down to personal preference and what works with your crocheting style. For crafters that tend to grip the hook near the working area, our our ergonomic hooks (available in aluminum and steel) are preferred because the soft handle grip is easy on their hands. For those that tend to hold their hook further away from the working area, our Dreamz and Basix crochet hooks are an excellent choice; the highly-polished surface provides easy stitch flow as you work.

Ready to craft like a pro? One of our Dreamz crochet hooks was recently used in a photo tutorial on the Fresh Stitches blog - click here to see how easy it is to knit or crochet from both ends of a skein! 


Thanks to everyone who watched our latest YouTube video and entered our giveaway! Those of you who guessed Ursula and Uma the Understanding Monsters by Rebecca Danger (or any permutation of that pattern name) were entered into our drawing to win a Knitter's Pride Shawl Pin. The Random Number Generator chose Karin, aka kvitsvart on Ravelry as our winner - we have PM'd you to arrange for the delivery of your prize. Congratulations!

We also have another prize winner to share with you - last month's winning entry in the Share Your Pride Video Contest! Congratulations to Esther, whose winning entry will receive her choice of a deluxe needle or crochet set from Knitter's Pride and a free shawl pin!

Watch her video below to see her "most interesting filming location" (last month's theme). We hope this inspires you to work on your submission for this month - our theme is "best animal guest appearance." You can view the full contest rules and upcoming themes here!