Benefits of Circular Knitting Needles

‘Knit one, purl one, and breathe’ is the ultimate mantra of mindful knitting. For many of us, picking up our knitting needles is our way of mindful meditation. The simple act of sitting still, focusing the mind, repeating stitch after stitch, and turning yarn into fabric, is a meditative process that fills our hearts with joy. Being mindful means being present, being in the moment. When we relax into our knitting, we focus on our breathing, clear our thoughts, and be in the moment. The needles seem like producing a melody that brings harmony to our body, mind, and spirits.

Circular needles are the latest addition to a knitter’s stash and a perfect fit for mindful knitting. To understand the mindful aspect of circular knitting needles, one must understand its ergonomic design. Circulars are the typical knitting needles attached by a cord of varying lengths. The needle tips come in different sizes in diverse materials as do the cords. The different cord lengths allow knitting a variety of projects ranging from hats to sweaters. The circular needles come in fixed and interchangeable variants. While the needle tips remain the same, the cables are the difference between the two, one has a fixed cable while the other has multiple combinations of changeable cords. Fixed circular knitting needles come with a permanently fixed cable. Interchangeable needles come with the choice of changing the cord according to the project.

Mindful Knitting Needles

The Mindful Collection is an exclusive range of knitting tools and accessories that are designed for mindfulness. All needles have an inspirational word printed on them to help the knitter focus on the meditative benefits of knitting.

So, are you still wondering if you should use circular knitting needles or not? Let us help you make your choice, here are the five benefits.

Flat knitting as well as the round knitting

The main benefit of stainless steel circular knitting needles is that it is multipurpose. This set can be used for both flat knitting as well in round projects. The cable or the cord of the needle set allows knitting the way you want. While most knitting needles are either used for one, circular needles can be used for all purposes.

The need for seaming knitting projects is minimal

Circular needles minimize the need for seaming. You no longer have to create two flat knitting projects and seam them up to create round knitting. As you can knit both flat and round with these needles, circulars become an obvious choice. 

Distributes weight, reduces strain on hands and arms

The circular needles distribute the weight of your project evenly. Most knitting needles distribute the weight of the project left to right on the needles, but in circulars, most of the weight lies in the cord which can be easily placed in your lap. Once the weight is evenly distributed, knitting will not put a strain on your hands and arms. You will no longer feel muscle fatigue like what you feel while knitting with straights.

Handy Storage

If you are a space-conscious knitter or even if you aspiring to become one, then circular needles are what you need. Circulars both fixed and interchangeable fold up into a neat and compact shape. They are also far more convenient for storing and transporting than the single pointed and double pointed needles.

The freedom of knitting on the go

Knitting has become a choice of mindfulness. The practice can be done at not one particular place but anywhere you want. If you are a person on the go, circular knitting needles are just perfect for you. You can easily carry circular knitting needles set while traveling. Also, you will not be worried about losing your work as the cords keep your work secure.

The benefits of knitting extend far beyond pride in the job well done, and you don’t just have to take this knitter’s word for it. You have science to back it up with data that knitting is mindful, a meditative process and mostly a journey that soothes the body, mind and spirit.

So are you ready to choose circular knitting needles? Our Mindful Circular knitting needles and sets are here for you. Choose from our range of fixed circulars and interchangeable needles and find the power that only knitting brings. Want a guide on this crafty mindful knitting journey? Follow our blog on understanding the health benefits of knitting.