Top 20 of the best Knitting Needles of 2021

The year 2021 was the year of knitting. Because we often had to stay at home, swinging the knitting needles was one of our favorite pastimes last year. We would like to know which knitting needles were swung the most. Let's take a look back to 2021 and find out which knitting needles were the most popular of the past year. We would like to introduce you to the most used Knitters Pride Knitting Needles in this blog, so we have created this top 20 for you.

KnittersPride Knitting Needles

20. Symfonie Dreamz Fixed Circular Needles

For those who love the warm feel of wood in their hands, our Symfonie Dreamz Fixed Circular Needles are just the thing. The perfect join guarantees that you won't hang while knitting and comfortably keep your knitting flow.

19. Ginger Single Pointed Needles

Beautiful, warm wooden needles made from the finest birchwood, beautifully colored and with a perfect finish. This is the best way to describe our Ginger Knitting Needles. For those who like to knit in simple back and forth rows, these Single Pointed Needles are ideal.

18. Karbonz Single Pointed Needles

Two such strong materials meet in these needles. Lightweight carbon fiber with precision brass needle tips. This is exactly why our Karbonz Single Pointed Needles were so popular.

17. Royale Double Pointed Needles

Our romantic Royale knitting needles were very popular again in 2021. The Double Pointed needles are suitable for small round projects.

16. Bamboo Double Pointed Needles

Bamboo needles are the most popular knitting needles. Double Pointed Needles made from the finest Japanese bamboo with a perfect finish. These needles are a must-have for all knitters.

15. Nova Cubics Platina Fixed Circular Needles

For anyone suffering from wrist pain, the Nova Cubics Platina were a hit in 2021. These needles promise hours of pain-free knitting, even for those with an underlying condition like arthritis.

14. Royal Single Pointed Needles

Our Royale Needles were also in great demand in the Single Pointed Needles version. If you like knitting in simple back and forth rows then these needles are ideal for you.

13. Symphony Dreamz Double Pointed Needles

Our popular Symfonie Dreamz needles as Double Pointed Needles. These were very popular with sock knitters.

12. Royal Fixed Circular Needles

Our Royale quality is also available as a Fixed Circular Needles variant. Thanks to the perfect finish, your stitches slide from one needle to the next as if by themselves.

11. Karbonz Double Pointed Needles

Karbonz quality as double pointed needles, like the single pointed needles, our double pointed needles from the Karbonz series were also very popular.

10. Nova Platina Single Pointed Needles

Lightweight and strong, our Nova Platina Single Pointed Needles have been a hit with those who love the feel of metallic needles, the sound of knitting needles clicking and knitting in simple back and forth rows.

09. Nova Platina Interchangeable Circular Needles

And if you don't want to knit in simple back and forth rows but also in rounds, then the Nova Platina Interchangeable Circular Needles are your choice.

08. Bamboo Single Pointed Needles

For flat projects - our Knitters Pride Bamboo Single Pointed Needles are ideal. These have been a popular choice in 2021.

07. Smartstix Fixed Circular Needles

Knitting and measuring at the same time? Yes, you can, with our Smartstix Fixed Circular Needles. These knitting needles are suitable for both flat and round projects. Perfect for all perfectionists who want to take precise measurements of their projects.

06. Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Needles

Of course, Knitters Pride also has Interchangeable Circular Needles made from the popular bamboo material. Also check out our Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Sets.

05.  Smartstix Interchangeable Circular Needles

Our smart Smartstix are also available as Interchangeable Circular Needles. Connect the desired needle size with the necessary cable length and you're ready to go. Needles and cables can be connected smoothly and guarantee to knit without snagging.

04. Ginger Interchangeable Circular Needles

These needles can be used for almost any project. Simply assemble your Interchangeable Circular Needles to the strength and size needed for your project and you're good to go. Also check out the super handy Ginger Interchangeable Circular Needles Sets and fully equip yourself for all the projects of 2022.

03. Zing Double Pointed Needles

Do you prefer jingling metal needles to wood? Many Knitter preferred in 2021 just this and used our colorful Zing Double Pointed Needles. They’re Perfect for small round projects like socks.

02. Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles

Our feather-light and strong Zing quality was also very popular as an Interchangeable Circular Needles variant. These knitting needles are ideal for larger round projects like loops or raglan sweaters. Also check out our Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles Sets.

01. Basix Interchangeable Circular Needles

As the name suggests, these knitting needles are a basic and belong in every handicraft bag. Our customers thought so too and made these needles one of our favorites.

"It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

So show who you are and choose one of our Knitters Pride Knitting Needles. We assure you that it will be the best decision of your life. But we can say one thing - we certainly won't make it easy for you to choose the very best knitting needles at Knitters Pride. Check out our full range on our website.

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The Best Mindful Double Pointed Knitting Needles and How to use them

Knitting with Double Pointed Knitting Needles is a science in itself for some. As complicated as it sounds and looks, knitting with 5 needles at the same time is actually not that difficult. Don't you believe it? We would like to convince you otherwise with this blog. But first of all, in general - what are the Double Pointed Knitting Needles used for? Double Pointed Knitting Needles are used for small round projects such as small baby hats, hand warmers or of course, very popular, for socks. The stitches are distributed on 4 knitting needles and knitting is done with the fifth Needle.

Before you start knitting, you need the necessary Double Pointed Knitting Needles. In our Mindful Collection you will find particularly high-quality Double Pointed Knitting Needles made of stainless steel. The needles are particularly durable, strong and never lose their special shine. With our Mindful Collection Double Pointed Knitting Needles you are sure to enjoy them for a very long time. They are available in two different lengths and in a wide range of sizes. Each needle size is provided with a special Inspirational Word, so the needles are not only a knitting instrument but also an instrument of calming and meditation.

The length and size you need depends on your project. If you work according to instructions, the size and length are usually given. If you are unsure, just try knitting with the different gauges to get a feel for it. If you want to equip yourself with the different strengths, the best thing to do is check out our Mindful Double Pointed Knitting Needles Sets. We offer 2 different DPN sets which we would like to briefly introduce to you here.

The Compassion Set

Our Compassion Set contains 6" needles in 5 different sizes. The most commonly used needle sizes are from 3.5 mm to 5.0 mm. These are neatly packed in a beautiful rectangular case and also contain numerous accessories that are packed separately in a pouch. So you are well equipped.

The Grateful Set

This set also contains needles with a length of 6" but in smaller needle sizes. This set is ideal for finer yarns such as lace. This meditative needle set is packed in a rectangular case decorated with a beautiful mandala. This set also contains numerous accessories such as wool needles and different stitch markers.

How to Use the Double Pointed Knitting Needles?

When knitting with double pointed needles, the hardest part is the cast on and the first three to four rows. After that it gets easier. So don't let that put you off. Take your time, be patient and you will surely succeed. The necessary number of stitches is cast on distributed over the 4 needles. Then you start knitting from one needle to the next in rounds with the fifth needle. If you are a beginner and want to make your work a little easier, we recommend not starting the first row with the pattern but simply knitting a row of right stitches. Make sure you keep the tension of the stitches the same and don't knit looser or tighter. This way you have an even stitch pattern. From the second row you can now start with the pattern of the desired work. When knitting socks, this is usually a 2 left 2 right pattern to knit a stretchy cuff that provides a better hold for the socks.

The more rows you knit, the easier it will be. When changing the needles, it is important to always ensure that the thread tension is maintained, otherwise the transitions will become visible. In the first few rows, the transition between the last and first needle will bother you a little as it doesn't close very well, but just ignore that, it's quite normal.

We hope that with our tips you will easily succeed in daring to use the Mindful Collection Double Pointed Knitting Needles and maybe knit your first pair of socks.

You will see a very special knitting experience with our Mindful Double Pointed Knitting Needles. Our knitting needles are not just a knitting instrument, but an instrument of mediation and balance. Do something for your hobby but at the same time do something for your soul and inner peace. You will find yourself filled with happiness very quickly and knitting with these needles will become your daily meditation routine.

"Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day..." - Dalai Lama

All of our needles have an Inspirational Word engraved on them, so our needles provide the daily positive thought to start your day on a positive note. Do something good for your soul and order our Mindful Collection Double Pointed Knitting Needles today.

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