How to Crochet a Ruffled Scarf?

Want to make your regular scarf a fashion statement? Then a ruffled scarf is just right for you. Crocheting a ruffled scarf is an easy and quick project. It is also a good project for a beginner since it is a great “practice project” with any of your crochet hooks and yarn in your collection.  In this blog, we’ll take you through easy steps to make a ruffled scarf with basic crochet stitches. 

Crochet a Ruffle Scarf

So, let’s get started.

Pattern Design: A pattern is the “map” of your project, so either you choose from your favorite designer or design your own. A scarf generally averages 10-15 inches in width and 60-90 inches in height. It mostly depends on the height of the person and the style they prefer. Also some crochet stitches are better suited to scarves than others. The single crochet (sc) or double crochet (dc) make a close dense fabric that is perfect for cold winters, while the treble stitch (tr) or double treble stitches – often done on lighter-weight yarn – result in an open or more elegant look that mimics lace.

For a ruffled design you can make the flat fabric in dense stitches and the ruffles in open weave. Plan to make ruffles on one side or both. Try and work on a uniform length and width of the ruffles. You can experiment with a shorter scarf. Besides the rectangular structure, you can plan to make a triangular shape with lesser distinct decreases and increases.

Yarn – A scarf can be crocheted with any yarn weight. A normal-length scarf about 250 yards of worsted-weight yarn should be sufficient. But if you are exploring lightweight or chunky weight yarns, then the quantity might differ but you can calculate with a crochet gauge swatch. Leftovers from your stash is also a wonderful option as you can make a rather colorful pattern.

Crochet hook – For your scarf project you can choose single-ended crochet hooks matching your yarn weight. Most patterns and even yarn labels mention the suitable crochet hook size. Tunisian crochet hooks can also be used as long as you don’t attach the interchangeable cord.

Crocheting your Scarf

Step 1: Make a slip knot on your crochet hook. It is not counted as the first stitch. If a pattern counts this slip knot it will be mentioned.

Step 2: Make a chain between 24 and 32 stitches – depending on your gauge. Or, you can start with foundation crochet stitches. This will help you work on the foundation with the stitch itself rather than work on a chain first.

Step 3: Start with any crochet stitch as you have planned for the pattern. Focus on the neat shape and borders or the ruffles will be difficult to make.

Step 4: Once you crocheted a fabric in the length to your liking, then bind off. Using a wool needle, weave in the ends. or, use a locking stitch marker to keep the last stitch secure while you start working on the ruffles.

Add Ruffles

There are two ways to go about crocheting the ruffled. You can either work with the scarf or make the ruffles section separately.

Chain stitches as many as the length of the scarf. This can be around 100+ given the length and the yarn weight.

Row 1 – Work of crochet stitches that are taller than the ones you have worked for the flat section of the scarf. If you have worked with single crochet (SC) stitches, then for ruffles use half double (HDC), double crochet (DC) or even treble crochet (TR).

Row 2 – Work with the same crochet stitches but now increases every 2 or 3 sticthes.

Row 3-5 – Continue with increases.

Row 6 – Fasten off crochet and weave in ends.

Have fun with this project. With Knitter’s Pride crochet hooks and crochet accessories get artsy right away and design your own ruffled crochet scarf.