How I Love Hearts?

What says “love” faster and better than a heart symbol?  Whether you draw them, sign off with one or simply post one in an email – nothing conveys your affection faster than a heart.

How I Love Hearts?

Hearts are also surprisingly easy to make choice of knitting needles (double point needles, straight needles,) or a crochet hook and a little bit of yarn.    Just think of all that left over red yarn that can be turned into tokens of affection!

There are many ideas online which explain how easy it is to make them and how to use them. Hearts can be used as ornaments on packages as well as on Holiday trees and plants.  They can be put into an envelope of your own making, Here’s a free pattern for one. 

free pattern

They make wonderful 3-D gifts on Valentine’s day. You can knit a little heart and mail them off or you can fill them with a small bag of lavender buds and use them as sachets.  Each of these ideas are easy to find online. 

knit a little heart

Here's a link to a video where you can see how to knit a heart in no time at all.

Hearts are also very easy to crochet.  They are fast and a fabulous last-minute gift for anyone who appreciates your “heart” felt work. Here’s a link to some highly recommended crochet hooks and to a free pattern.


It makes sense to buy a set of crochet hooks because a change of hook size can let you makes these sweethearts in more than one size.  For instance, use a bigger hook and thicker yarn and create a hot pad for your table.  Use a thinner hook and make scads of little hearts and toss them into a holiday or birthday card envelope. How much fun it would be to open it and let your loved one see your affection. 

The most important part of these heart making projects is your time and your talent.  To combine those 2 elements in one project – knitted or crochet – is a tangible expression of your love. Be sure to take the time to love yourself, as well.