Winner + Choosing the Right Needles for YOU!

Thanks to everyone who entered our blog contest this month! We were impressed with the variety of answers we received when we asked the question, "how do you like to knit socks?"  Our winner is Patrick Lyddy who said "Two at a time, Toe-up! Have an actual pair when you're done and no Second-Sock-itis!!" Please contact us at (or Ravelry PM knitterpride) to arrange delivery of your Knitter's Pride Sock Blockers. Congratulations! 

Though many of our fans know which style of needle they prefer, we'd like to offer anyone who is new to Knitter's Pride a few suggestions to help select the right needles for your next project. 

First, consider what you'll be making: Projects that are knitted flat are well-suited to single-point needles, which beginning knitters are often more comfortable using. However, if you are knitting something large such as an afghan, you'll want to use circular needles so that you have plenty of room for all of your stitches. 
Karbonz DPNs
Cubics Fixed Circulars
Projects that are knitted in-the-round can be made on circular needles or double point needles (DPNs). As we noted in our last blog post, small circumference projects can use either needle option if you know how to use the magic loop technique for circulars. Larger-circumference projects such as sweaters work best on circulars. 

Lace knitting is often faster and easier with sharp-pointed needles such as our Nova or Karbonz needles, while sock knitting (as we learned in our last post) lends itself to various needle and material types. This brings us to our next point: your knitting style.

Yes, how you knit can play a part in your needle choice. Do you hold a lot of tension in your hands as you work and are often sore after a few hours of knitting? Give our ergonomic Cubics needles a try! Knitting on-the-go? Consider using circular needles - there's no need to worry about dropping a needle and never finding it again! Our new line of Karbonz needles is also great for traveling knitters; they are virtually unbreakable while still being lightweight and warm to the touch. Both Karbonz and Nova needles can endure being packed away in your purse or bag without fear of snapping.

Nova Deluxe Interchangeable Set
If you're trying to decide between fixed circular needles or investing in an interchangeable set, it's especially important to pay attention to how you knit: knitters who tend to twist their knitting while working in the round will be happiest with fixed circular needles, while looser knitters who use less twisting motions in their knitting will enjoy working with our interchangeable sets

Ultimately, personal preference is often the deciding factor in choosing needles. Once you've tried various materials and styles (such as in our Comby Sampler Set), you'll know what works best for you! 

It's a Sockstravaganza!

Pair-A-Normal Socks
For our sock-obsessed fans, October is also known as Socktober, a time to welcome fall and celebrate all things sock-related! 

We've seen a lot of great new sock patterns for fall, such as Rohn Strong's Horatio Socks from The Heritage Collection (perfect for beginners!), Hunter Hammerson's Phaeodaria socks from the first issue of The Sock Report, or the Pair-a-Normal colorwork socks from Knitty Deep Fall. There's so much sock-knitting inspiration this fall! 

If you're new to sock-making, it might seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools and a few good resources to turn to when you get stuck, you'll be happily making socks in no time flat! We've rounded up a few helpful articles and videos below to get you started. We're also giving away one pair of Knitter's Pride Sock Blockers to a lucky reader - see below for details! 

YouTube provides thousands of free tutorial videos. Our friends at Jimmy Beans Wool not only share informative product reviews on their YouTube channel, they also have several videos demonstrating knitting and crochet techniques. This tutorial demonstrating the German Twisted Cast-On method is great for starting your top-down socks! 

For visual learners who prefer a little more guidance, point your browsers to Craftsy has several video classes you can enroll in for a one-time fee, giving you lifetime access to in-depth video instruction. As an added bonus, you can ask questions for the instructor or fellow classmates to answer as you view each lesson. Donna Druchanas' Knit Original Toe-Up Socks, and Knit Original Cuff-Down Socks classes will have you knitting socks like a pro, no matter which method you prefer! 
Knitter' Pride Sock Blockers

Another great resource is, which has lots of fantastic articles on technique. Toe-up sock enthusiasts will find the Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off photo tutorial to be particularly handy; there's nothing worse than knitting a beautiful pair of socks you can't get on your feed because the bound-off cuff is too tight! 

Finally, you can always turn to the blogosphere for sage advice and photo tutorials. Do you prefer knitting socks with DPN needles, but don't know how to avoid unsightly stitch 'ladders'? Kirsten Hipsky, the Design Manager at Webs, shared a few of her best tips for preventing ladders earlier this year on the Webs Yarn Store blog; Cookie A shared a fantastic photo tutorial on her blog earlier this summer demonstrating an easy way to repair holes in well-loved socks. If you have sock questions, there are most likely answers waiting for you out in the blogosphere!

Enter our Blog Giveaway!
How do you like to make your socks? Top-down or toe-up? Magic loop or on DPNs? One-at-a-time or two-at-a-time?  Leave a comment on this post to share your favorite sock-knitting method(s). You'll be eligible to win a pair of Knitter's Pride Sock Blockers so that your finished socks will look their best! We'll randomly select one lucky winner on Friday, October 26th. Good luck!