Hot Knits & Cool Crochet: Must-Make Gift Projects!

It's time to start gift knitting. It's never too early, right?  Whether you're staying home or cautiously spending some time outside of it, make sure to keep knitting and crocheting on your to-do list. Crafting is a great way to relieve stress.

Hair Accessories

Scrunchies are making a comeback, and there are tons of great free patterns to try, such as: Vickie Howell's Scrap Bin Scrunchies (knit & crochet options), Luxury Mohair Scrunchie [Ravelry Link] (knit), Back to School Scrunchie [Ravelry Link] (knit), Scrap Sock Yarn Hair Scrunchie [Ravelry Link] (crochet), or the Easy Crochet Scrunchie [Ravelry Link]. If scrunchies aren't your thing, a Knit Bow [Ravelry Link] can be attached to a bobby pin, barrette or hair tie to dress up your hairdo. Tame bad hair days with a Slip Stitch Headband [Ravelry Link] (knit) or Perfect Picnic Headband (crochet).

For the Home

Re-usable wash cloths and cleaning cloths are not just earth-friendly, they're also fun, instant-gratification projects that are great for gifting! Knit or crochet up a stash using your favorite stitch pattern, or one of these fabulous free patterns: Basketweave Scrubbie [Ravelry link] (crochet), Magnolia Springs Dishcloth [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Whispering Pines Wash Cloth [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Reusable Cotton Rounds [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Easy as Pie Dishcloth [Ravelry Link] (knit), Leafy Washcloth [Ravelry Link] or the Silver Sands Wash Cloth (knit) and Spa-Riffic Wash Cloth (knit) from our own blog archive!

Protect furniture with colorful coasters to knit or crochet! Use up leftover bits of yarn with the Brioche Fade Coaster [Ravelry Link] (knit), Linen Stitch Coasters [Ravelry Link] (knit), Aurora Coaster [Ravelry Link] (crochet) or  Fringy Boho Coasters [Ravelry Link] (crochet). If you want to add a whimsical touch to your decor, try the Cactus Coasters [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Sun's Out! Drink Coasters [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Egg or Avocado (knit), or Kitty Coasters [Ravelry Link] (knit).

Or, spruce up your walls with a trendy wall hanging! From funky to fun, these free patterns have you covered: Be Kind Mini C2C Wall Hanging [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Chase the Rainbow [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Brighton Wall Hanging [Ravelry Link] (crochet), Pineroot [Ravelry Link] (knit), Rainbows in the Windows [Ravelry Link] (knit),or Wall Hanging [Ravelry Link] (knit).

We hope you feel inspired to keep knitting and crocheting all season long—make sure to share what's on your Knitter's Pride needles and hooks by using #knitterspride in your posts!


  1. Could you add warnings for links to ravelry and post the non ravelry related links? Seeing how ravelry's new design has caused harm to many individuals and they are not fixing the problems. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comment! We just updated this post to indicate Ravelry links. As you'll see in our most recent blog post (found here: we will indicate Ravelry links if used in blog posts from July 2020 onwards until they fix the accessibility issues you note here. Additionally, we plan to minimize the amount of pattern links to Ravelry going forward until those changes have been made and the site can be used by everyone safely. Please feel free to email us at helloknitterspride [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any other questions or concerns, we'd love to hear from you!