5 Tips to Get Started with Thread Crochet

Thread crocheting is usually a daunting prospect for beginners. The thin yarn, the fine stitches and the long working hours are usually a reason why many people shy away from it. But have you already seen the wonderful patterns that are created? Her work looks like lace due to the thin yarns and stitches, which is why these projects are often called lace.

5 Tips to Get Started with Thread Crochet

In this blog we give you 5 great tips with which YOU can definitely start crocheting with thread.

But first we have to clarify a few important points.

Thread crocheting is often thought to be very difficult, but that's not true. Thread crochet requires the same skills as crocheting with other yarns. The only difference is that the yarn and the crochet hook are finer. This just takes a little getting used to and practice more too. The process is exactly the same as crocheting. Thread crocheting is also often felt to be very painful and tiring for the hands, that's only partly true, because the fine yarn and working with a smaller crochet hook can strain your hands and fingers, but YOU can avoid that. Why not try optimizing your yarn tension, because this way you can find the ideal tension for you and the pain disappears. Of course, the right crochet hook is also very important, our Knitterspride crochet hooks promise comfort and pain-free work thanks to the ergonomic design. Don't forget to do regular hand exercises.

We only know thread crochet from small lace doilies that are lying around everywhere in the apartment. We usually see these little doilies on the shelves of our grandmothers. But thread crochet isn't just for the little blankets, you can create so much more. Even amigurumis are crocheted with today's thin yarns. This is how very small but detailed amigurumis are created.

The important thing is to block your thread crochet projects. This is the only way to show off the fine stitches and patterns. Of course only when it comes to blankets, scarves and those projects that need to be blocked. For example, amigurumi projects don't need to be blocked.

5 Tips for Thread Crocheting

- For a thread crochet project, you should definitely prefer steel crochet hooks. This makes it easier for you to work with the fine yarn and the fine yarn slides off the needle better. At Knitterspride you will find fine steel crochet hooks that are perfect for your thread crochet project.

- Pay attention to the grip of your crochet hook! Just because the hook is so fine doesn't mean the handle has to be so thin. This should be easy to grab to make your work easier. This is actually one of the reasons why many find thread crocheting more difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

- Do not buy sewing or embroidery thread to crochet a thread, only crochet thread. Technically, you can crochet with anything that resembles thread, but it will be much easier for you to crochet with crochet yarn. These yarns have been specially developed for thread crochet.

- Wrap the thread around your non-working hand to better control the tension because as mentioned above, this is one of the most common reasons hands hurt while crocheting.

- Make your yarn overs close to the head of the crochet hook, otherwise your loops will be too loose.

"You use a glass mirror to see your face. You use works of art to see your soul." George Bernard Shaw

Discover this unique art with thread crochet. For your crochet experience we have the best crochet hooks by Knitterspride.

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