How to Knit Neater Rib Stitches?

Do you know that feeling when you want to knit a clean rib stitch pattern, but isolated stitches keep coming loose and destroying the overall picture? Perhaps there are even entire rows that simply appear uneven and therefore ugly? Don't worry, you'll get rid of them very quickly with these tips from Knitters Pride and you can knit clean rib stitch stitches according to this blog.

If a project is to be elastic in some places, as with hats, then a 2x2 rib stitch is often knitted, i.e., 2x purl stitches and 2x knit stitches alternately. This creates a pattern that is elastic like a rubber band. Many sweaters also start with this pattern. But this beautiful pattern is not so beautiful anymore when the stitches are knitted unevenly. Therefore, these beginner stitches are actually one of the most difficult. You must always follow the stitches and not mix up the stitches because if a knit stitch is on top of a purl the whole pattern will look wrong.

How to Knit Neater Rib Stitches?

Tip 01 - Pull tight after every first purl stitch

The first thing you need to work on for a clean rib pattern is your tension. So, pull the yarn well when you switch from a knit stitch to a purl stitch. But really only do this on that one stitch.

Tip 02 - Knit with a smaller knitting needle size

If you don't want unsightly holes to appear between the transitions to the knit stitch, you can counteract this and use smaller knitting needle sizes. Because these holes are created because the knitting needle is in the way here, so if a smaller knitting needle size is in the way, the hole will also be smaller and in the end hardly noticeable.

Tip 03 - Knit through the back loop

In the transitions, the stitch only has to go over halfof the stitch, and you also reduce the distance between these stitches, between which the unsightly holes appear, and end up with a clean rib stitch.

Tip 04 - Change your yarn

Sometimes the problem is not the technique or the knitting needles, but simply the yarn is unsuitable. In this case, you should change your yarn and try a different one.

Tip 05 - The yarn has a high friction

Scratchy wool does not lend itself well to the rib stitch. It is almost impossible to knit a neater rib stitch here, the yarn is difficult to stretch, slips off your knitting needle badly and is simply not suitable in this case.

"Neatness - which is grooming, after all - is definitely the most important requirement." Babe Paley

A neat knitting can be very calming and fills you with great joy. Apply these tips and feel more fun in knitting and get a satisfying result.

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