How to Knit a Christmas Stocking on Circular Needles?

A filled Christmas stocking by the fireplace is simply part of St. Nicholas Day and Christmas. The bigger the stocking, the bigger the joy. Children in particular are very happy when it is filled with sweet treats and little surprises. In this blog we would like to show you how you can knit the classic Christmas Shocking yourself.

The swatch for this project is 30 stitches x 34 sounds = 10 x 10 cm (stockinette stitch)

You need Double Pointed knitting needles with a needle size of 3 mm and the desired and suitable yarn. And off you go.

Step 01

Cast on 100 stitches with double pointed knitting needles and close the work in a round. There are 25 stitches on each needle.

Step 02

Now knit the next 15 rounds in stockinette stitch.

Step 03

From now on you continue to work in the following division: Knit the 25 stitches of the first needle on the right, knit the cable strips over the 25 stitches of the second and third needle, increasing 5 stitches per needle in the first round (i.e. 5 times after every 5th row). Knit 1 stitch twisted out of the cross thread), knit the 25 stitches of the 4th needle. Now you would have a total of 110 stitches on the four needles. In this arrangement you knit 60 rounds further. (= 5 pattern sets in height.)

Step 04

Now we have arrived at the heel. After a total of 75 rounds, knit a boomerang heel over the 50 stitches on the first and tipped needle, starting with the double stitch right on the next round and continuing with the heel. Divide the 50 stitches into 16 stitches - 18 stitches - 16 stitches.

Step 05

After the heel, work the foot in the same way as you did for the upper. In the 123rd round, decrease 5 stitches in each of the two cable strips from the start. You should now have 100 stitches.

Step 06

Now work the lace in stockinette stitch. Here you decrease each round until there are only 8 stitches left on the needles. Then close the top.

Step 07

You can knit a furry collar around the connecting edge to make a more Christmassy sock. Using 4 mm Double Pointe knitting needles, pick up 68 stitches (17 on each needle) from the cast-on edge by stitching from the inside out of the sock. After 24 rounds in stockinette stitch, cast off all stitches loosely and then turn the brim inside out.

Step 08

The last step is to crochet a hanger for the Christmas shocking. To do this, crochet 4 chain stitches and a chain. Work single crochet back and forth until the hanger has a total length of 20 cm. Each round begins with a chain stitch. Sew the loop onto the socks and fasten all threads.

Finally, fill your socks with little things that will bring joy and you can attach it to the fireplace.

"Christmas is a stocking stuffed with sugary goodness."-     Mo Rocca

If you have a crochet or knitting lover in your family, you can also fill your Christmas stocking with the most beautiful items from Knitters Pride and bring great joy.

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