Crafty Pets Photo Contest Winner....and honorable mentions!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Crafty Pets Photo Contest this spring! We were delighted with some many fun & creative entries from our fans! We saw our fair share of adorable pups and helpful cats, but it didn't end there - sheep, fish, rabbits and even a unicorn were represented in the contest entries. To level the playing field, we used the Random Number Generator to pick our grand prize winner, because there were too many amazing entries to pick from.

Our lucky winner is Post #31 by CashmereWishes:

We will be in touch shortly to coordinate the delivery of your prize.

With so many adorable entries, we couldn't resist picking a few more prizes to award - we have 4 Needle & Crochet Gauges with Yarn Cutter to give out as honorable mentions!

Not every company can count fish amongst their fans, but this entry by ForMomCrochet definitely demonstrates a preference for our Royale needles by her fishy friend, Sakura.

On Instagram, this cat wearing a hat posted by @VermontGirlAmy certainly deserves an honorable mention, don't you agree?

It might make knitting difficult, but we definitely admire how Araya50's pup has managed to keep warm through a fairly chilly spring:

Last but certainly not least, Ladybuglantern gets points for creativity with her fun entry featuring a unicorn!
Even though our contest has ended, we hope you'll keep sharing your photos of pets & Knitter's Pride products over on Ravelry and Instagram - we can't get enough of them!

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  1. Wow! This was so fun and I loved seeing everyone's pets:) I'm actually glad my pooch wouldn't cooperate,lol! Thanks, KnittersPride