Shawl Styling Tips & Photo Contest

Shawls are the perfect summer crafting projects! They usually need only one or two skeins of yarn (making them extremely portable), and can be knitted or crocheted in lightweight yarns that create beautiful drapey garments. Add some lace and cables for texture, or use up those variegated yarns to add some fun summer color!

While fun to make, handmade shawls can sometimes be a challenge to wear. Today, we share some inspiration to style all those gorgeous summer shawls PLUS a chance to win some fabulous prizes in our "Summer of Shawls" photo contest!

Styling Shawls

Centered in Back

Rriangular shawls can easily be worn with the point centered in the back and the sides draped over your shoulders. With a rectangular or a circular (or semicircular) shawl, try centering the shawl over your shoulders with the bulk of the shawl to your back. Worn this way, your beautiful handiwork is on full display, and your shawl will keep your shoulders, upper arms and torso warm. This is perfect for the chill of air-conditioning indoors, or on cool evenings.

Scarf Style

Rectangular stoles, skinny asymmetrical triangles and crescent shawls can be wrapped around your neck once (or multiple times) to be worn like a scarf. This is best done with lace and fingering-weight shawls to keep the bulk around your neck to a minimum. But, if done with a heavier weight yarn, your shawl will add warmth around your neck in the chilly fall and winter days.

Kerchief/Bandana Style

To wear a shawl kerchief or bandana style, you place the center point of your shawl at your front, and wrap the sides/tails around your neck and bring them back to the front. This creates a gorgeous focal point at your front, and allows you to show all that gorgeous work you’ve put into your shawl. Again, lighter weight shawls will wrap more easily in this style, but heavier weight shawls will keep your neck warm!

Off Center

Naturally, our favorite way to style shawls involves using a shawl pin or stick! Many people enjoy styling their shawls off-center, draping a point over one shoulder, or securing the ends over one shoulder with a gorgeous shawl pin or s tick. Not only will a shawl pin keep your work safe and secure, they can also add visual interest and enhance your handmade shawl! We have a variety of shawl pins that we use when styling shawls off center, or in any of the ways we pictured above.

Summer of Shawls Photo Contest

We'd love to see how you are styling your knitted and crocheted shawls this summer! Share your photos with us in our Ravelry group or on social media using the #knitterspride and #kpshawlstyle hashtags. You may post as many photos as you like, and while photos do not necessarily have to include Knitter's Pride shawl pins, we would love to see how you are using them to style your shawls!

Winners will get to select from the following prizes:

We'll randomly select FOUR lucky winners to announce here on the Knitter's Pride blog on Friday, July 26. Good luck!

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