Spring Charity KAL/CAL Recap

Our first-ever Spring Charity KAL/CAL has been a huge success, and we owe it all to our wonderful knitters and crocheters who spent the entire month of May making blocks to donate to Warm Up America!

We're pleased to see that many folks continue to KEEP making blocks, too  - we hope you will continue sharing them with us on Ravelry and using the #KPCharityKALCAL hashtag on social media (we may even award some prizes over the summer for folks who keep making and sharing their blocks!!). Here are some free patterns you might want to try:

The Results
Many thanks to everyone who took shared photos of their completed blocks with us - you are all truly inspiring! From May 1-31, here's what our fantastic group of knitters and crocheters accomplished: 
  • 603 knitted blocks completed, which is enough to make 30 baby blankets or 12 adult-sized blankets!
  • 116 crocheted blocks completed, which is enough to make 5 baby blankets or 2 adult-sized blankets!
  • A grand total of 719 blocks which can be made into 35 baby blankets or 14 adult-sized blankets!
Grand Prize Winners
In addition to providing free needles and hooks to participants, we also offered up some prizes to the participants who make the most blocks during the month of May, and we're pleased to share our winners with you today!

For knitting the most blocks with a grand total of 160, Kawaii00natsume has won a Deluxe Ginger Interchangeable Needle Set!

For crocheting the most blocks for a grand total of 45, Mottley1 has won a Zing Crochet Set!

Winners will be contacted via Ravelry PM to arrange for the delivery of their prize.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our Spring Charity KAL/CAL!

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  1. What a wonderful project! Will you be having this event next year also? I am late to the party but would like to join in if you do this again!

  2. I would like to join this event next year! I'm not sure why I hadn't
    heard the word but please put me on your list or let me know about signing up...Thanks! Kudos to those for all the Great projects!!